Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Riding like the Wind

There was one heck of a wind blowing today on the way home. Both Mother Nature and a Force of Nature. ( me, of course ) I had so much pent up energy from sitting at the desk all day that when the proverbial whistle blew I was off like a rocket. Sheep scattered, pavement rippled, and road signs bent. I decided to double back after this one and take this picture of it. Please be advised that there is no way to trace this photo that will hold up in a court of law!

Seriously, it was one of those afternoons that was a gem among the stones. It had rained earlier in the day but most of my back roads had dried off. The clouds were huge and puffy. One side of a cloud would be white and pure while the other side would be coal black and threatening. The sun was sinking down below the clouds and making everything glow like polished gold. I stopped to take several pictures. When I passed this sign I couldn't resist coming back and getting this picture. I don't have the real touch for this camera and software, yet, but I am playing with it. I prefer to paint my pictures with words but this digital picture thing is becoming fun. It was really hard to hold the camera still with the wind blowing. I still had my helmet on so I lifted the visor and rested the camera on the chinbar. Best tripod I could find on short notice.

The ride home was fantastic!!! How much richer the ride on my bike than the same old boring commute in a car! I arrived home refreshed and alive instead of tired and dragging. No drink required to get me relaxed. Life on the bike is my tonic.


Mad said...

Hehehe excellent Irondad.

Chris said...

I agree, my bike is my lifes tonic.
The weather here is transitional right now, it's still winter with a day or two of 60 degree weather. I can't wait to get the bike out get going on those days you just described.
Ride free and ride safe my friend....enjoy.


irondad said...

thanks for stopping by. I love the connection with folks who enjoy this like I do.

Ride safe.