Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Philosopher speaks.

Dan is involved with the interview today. I am doing the post in his absence.

You may remember me. I am the old mariner. I am the philosopher. I am Dan's alter ego. He has permitted me to write here before. It was I who shook our fist at the weather Gods. It is I who challenge them and others. Give us your best. We will not be defeated. It was fun to write. I soon grew tired. Too many words. I am a creature of deep thoughts. A creature of few words. I have been content to be quiet. To sit back and do what I do. Think deeply. To be a seeker of Truth. Dan enjoys writing here. He is outgoing. Dan is one who is quick to laugh. He likes to have fun. At the same time being deadly serious about his riding skills. The Intrepid Commuter.

It is time to step forth once again. I know not what is ahead. The chance to write here may be limited. Circumstances may change. It is too soon to tell. I wish to share something important with you.

This is not the first time I have lived. There have been past lives. I am not flesh and blood. Think of me more as a force. There are others like me. Not many, certainly. The number of humans who have lived with us is relatively small. We join with certain ones. If you are living with one of us you will know. You will recognize us instantly. If you are not, then no words are sufficient. We roam free. A human catches our notice. Someone with a fire in their heart. A person who wants to live on a higher plane. Not one who only desires riches. Monetary reward may come along. It will be secondary to other treasures. We will merge with such a one. The union will last as long as the fire burns. We may part at death. We may part sooner.

Once joined we become one. Our role is to be the fuel. The inner core of strength. We sit low and observe. We internalize the external. Call us the translators, if you will. We turn experiences into other things. Motivation and satisfaction. Pleasure and reward. Rules to live by. Insight on how to treat others. Prioritizing what is important in life. Victories and spiritual treasures. Here is the vital part. For this to work there must be struggles. The opponents must be larger than the contestant. For me personally, there must be a vehicle. Something small.

Do you know of Hemingway? Do you know of his "Old Man and the Sea"? I lived in the old man. It was I who challenged the big fish. It was I who challenged the ocean's force. It was I who gave the old man strength. Together we struggled and perservered. Together we were tattered but tasted victory. The vehicle was the boat. It had to be a small boat. A larger boat would not have worked. What if the boat were huge? What sort of victory would it be? How hollow it is when one is larger than one's opponent. It is like chasing flies with a shotgun. Don't you see? Only by starting out disadvantaged can one achieve meaningful victory.

In this life the vehicle is a motorcycle. The long commutes are perfect for seeking Truth. They are rich in experiences. The bike is smaller than other vehicles. The bike is more vulnerable. There are greater risks. Bad decisions can have terrible consequences. Oblivious drivers can cause great destruction. Heavy rain, wind, snow, and ice exact a price. In other words, a bike is the perfect vehicle for what we seek. A small contestant against a huge opponent. David and Goliath. If Goliath had slain David we would not speak of it. The fact that David was the victor gives rise to hope.

This is why Dan rides. I hope that I have helped you understand. Good weather and bad. Low risk and danger. Summer and Winter. Riding all year round gives me time. Ample opportunity to help him find what he seeks. Commuting by motorcycle makes so much possible. I hope it can continue. I am concerned that it may not. There is still so much we seek.


Steve Williams said...

You describe the good fight. The important fight. The one that makes the difference between being awake or asleep. It is the act that is the antidote to Thoreau's statement about men "...leading lives of quiet desperation...".

Thanks for fighting.

Kellye said...

Hey Dan, just wanted to drop a note and let you know how much I'm enjoying the blog (I'm reading from the beginning on and catching up to the present). I found you via Lucky's The Motorcycle Pizza Tour.

I just started my own motorcycle blog, if you ever feel inclined to stop by. It's called Ballad of the Mad. I got my first bike last week, and the bug has already bitten me hard. Which is how I found your blog - I'm sucking up as much information about motorcycles as humanly possible.

Anyway, keep writing, and I'll keep reading! :)

~ Kellye