Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I have seen the future!

The ride today was pretty uneventful both ways. Oh, it was still most agreeable just not blog worthy. I rode to Salem this morning to show my fellow instructor and friend Al how and where to get fuel for our bikes up there. He is going to take over the site maintenance that I've been doing. I'll kind of miss wrenching on our training bikes but I have other irons in the fire with our program. Al will do a fine job babysitting up there.

The really good thing is that I got in about 180 miles riding. It was half an hour up there, an hour and a quarter to work, and a long ride home. Plenty of seat time.

Somebody sent me this picture. I decided this would be a good substitute for a tale of a ride today. This is Katie and I in about 40 years. I've always known there will come that day I've already described in a previous post. The day when my body fails to obey the commands from my heart. Eventually I won't be able to hold a bike up. Then I might think about three wheels. When my tired old eyes and reactions aren't up to the fast paced streets, this is a picture of my next option.

I will call Gary Charpentier, the dashing pilot of The Baron and brother in heart. He will be nearly as geriatric as I but still going strong, I'm dead sure. I'll ask him if he still has connections with the Baron or other scooter folks. Can he get me a good deal on one of their motors? A transplant will happen and off my biker babe and I will go. Not exactly tearing up the road but rebels to the end!!


gary charpentier said...

Yeeee Haaawwwwww! Let's do it!

We shall terrorize the neighborhood, and then when the cops come, just sit there looking bewildered, asking them why the nice doctor changed our meds.

Ride well,

irondad said...

If the meds are anything like my recent "fever" drugs we either won't care that we are pulled over or we'll try to steal the police bike!